Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quite A Conundrum...

I will admit, after the last round of clues, I was stumped at what to do next. The clues I thought easy turned out to be hard; the clues I thought hard turned out to be too easy. It was a conundrum. And I didn't want to disappoint my boss. I mean, who knows what he will do to me -- I'm just glad I didn't screw up like Gigglepuss.

And now I think I have it. I'm going to tell you the entire thing. But you will still have to solve it. Got it?

Alright, here goes:

You need to find a book. The title of this book would justify the inclusion of Prince Hamlet, of the point, of the line, of the surface, of n-dimensional hyperplanes and hypervolumes, of all generic terms, and perhaps of each one of us and the universe we live in. But, of course, the book limits itself and so must we.

It is a book filled with creatures, creatures taken from myth and legend and out of the minds of great authors.

From the eleventh creature, take the fourth letter.

From the seventeenth creature, take the third letter.

From the second creature, take the tenth letter.

From the first creature, take the third letter.

From the twenty-fourth creature, take the seventh letter.

From the forty-first creature, take the fourth and fifth letters.

From the forty-sixth creature, take the first letter.

From the sixtieth creature, take the second letter.

From the seventy-eighth creature, take the tenth letter.

From the hundredth-and-second creature, take the first letter.

And then you will have the next password.

I will admit, this will be a bit harder. Because, you see, you will have to find the correct translation and printing as well.  (It's the one from '69. Shh.)

Oh, this is going to be so much fun.

 ~ Lady


  1. I think the Book is the "Book of Imaginary Beings" by Jorge Luis Borges. Still trying to get the right version though...

  2. Grace,
    We're working on something that has to do with your "scavenger hunt." Could you please check your library for the "Book of Imaginary Beings", and if its' there tell us what the 11th, 17th, 2nd, 1st, 24th, 41st, 46th, 60th, 78th, and 102nd creatures are?

    1. Grace is still asleep right now, honey. But don't you worry, I'll give you all a hint.