Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nearing the End...

We're nearing the end of this chapter, dear friends. The next chapter belongs to Karen.

So what are we missing here? You seem to have found most of the passwords. But which are you missing? I shall provide clues if you really need them.

Go on.

 ~ Lady


  1. With teamwork a riddle was found in the patients' files. Jester suggested it be posted here: "How is this scavenger hunt like a reclining chair made from an untamed water fowl?"

    A riddle answer can be provided as well as a decoding of some numbers also found there. Is there a benefit to do so?

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    2. Your riddle's answer is: because it's a 'wild goose chase', revolving around in circles. And it's two benefits now, please. One for this answer and one for the meaning behind those hidden numbers that I believe are of certain import for you, Lady.

    3. Getting cocky now, aren't we?

      The answer to the first is simple: because this was a wild goose chase. All of you rushing to find the passwords to figure out a riddle that meant nothing at all.

      As for the numbers...well, haven't you decoded them? Write out the sentence and wake her up.

      Here, I'm even provide the very last password for you, to make things simple: purification.

      Go on. Write it.

      Wake her up.

    4. So shaking in my cowgirl boots if I don't comply and write out: Time To Wake Up Karen.