Thursday, April 26, 2012

infinite jest

I managed to convince them to let me into the library late. Just a quick trip for a book to read. Nothing unusual.

I found it on the stack of new books waiting to be shelved. Had they just bought it? How had Lady known it would be here? Questions only lead to more questions.

I quickly opened it up and found it.

Apparently, I'm "special." Whatever that means.

And that doesn't look like an anagram. Great.

I don't feel like sleeping, not after the day I've had. Maybe I'll hit myself in the head with this book until I knock myself unconscious. It's certainly big enough.


  1. I think the password is "duck soup," but I don't know about the clue.

    1. It's a line from the Irish ballad Finigans Wake. Which is also a book by James Joyce.

    2. Meaning you should probably be looking for that book next Grace.

    3. Has anyone used the duck soup password yet?